The city of Arezzo still preserves the antique splendours, under which is hidden a population of artisans and admirable engineers.
Jars and jewelry from Arezzo were found even in Asia, underlining the prominent artisan mastery.
The central position of the territory has made possible the beginning of the traditional manufacturing process of precious metals like gold, silver, bronze and brass.
Arezzo is the biggest production centre of the world, in terms of realizing fashion items for big companies.
Colibrì Fashion Group was born right here, between the cities of Arezzo and Florence.
Our reality consists in a group of artisan companies, which develops itself in the third party production and in self-production.
We deal with promotional items, gifts, custom-made jewelry and fashion accessories.
The customer can choose products directly from our catalogue or get our graphic studio to do so; our strength restrains in running the customer through the whole making of the product, from the graphic to the finished product.

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